Our Company Info

At  FROMAN GRANITE,  we carry an extensive line of counter tops and islands in a variety of colors.

Because our overhead is small and we order in large quantities, we can offer the exact same granite sold at the big stores for a lot cheaper cost!

Our company has been satisfying 1000's of customers in the DFW - North Texas area for over 14 years.

All of our installations are also guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.

We can cut all of our granite to fit the size of your home's exact specifications and finish the slab with a unique polished Demi-bullnose edge or Square polished edge.

If you are interested in us just fabricating the granite and you do the install, we can offer this service at a nice discounted price!

Our customers prefer our 3cm (1"-1.125") thick granite counter tops to the standard 2cm (.75") thickness available elsewhere. This means more strength and longer life - all at a fraction of the standard cost.

FROMAN GRANITE is 100% natural granite that is a lasting, more economical solution to synthetics or tile.

"It is an investment in the quality of your home."